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NP Diammonium Phosphate 18-46

Tesman are major exporters of DAP and MAP fertilizers to end users and purchasers.

Our deliveries are very promptly and Tesman advice new buyers to rely on us for their order or inquiry to be met and supply as agreed.

Technical specifications

Total Nitrogen % N 18.0

Nitrogen ammonia % N 18.0

Water-soluble phosphorus and neutral ammonium citrate % P 2 O 5 46.0

Water-soluble phosphorus % P 2 O 5 45.0

Form of application

It is applied homogeneously on the soil surface and, if possible, buried with a work to place them near the roots, to facilitate the absorption of the phosphorus.

Avoid contact with the seed , because depending on the soil volatilization of ammonia can occur and can damage it.

It is recommended that the application of all NPK complex fertilizers be carried out:

  • Shortly before sowing in the case of arable crops .

  • At least one month before sprouting in the case of tree crops , that is to say, in sufficient time before the plant needs the nutrients we provide.

  • Application in sowing

MAP fertilizers