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Tesman's an gran exporters and importers, supply a wide range of steel industries, constructions, power, Agro-allies and petrochemical industries. 

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Tesman exporter of #NPK Fertilizers, #urea46% prill & Granular #Ammonium-sulphate #Dap, #Map 

Tesman’s Exporter of Ammonia
Tesman’s Exporter of Rock Phosphate
Tesman’s Exporter of # Sulphur Granular / Prill
Tesman’s Exporter of #Calcium Ammonium Nitrate
Tesman’s Exporter of #Diammonium Phosphate
Tesman’s Exporter of #Triple Super Phosphate
Tesman’s Exporter of #Mono Ammonium Phosphate
Tesman’s Exporter of Urea 46% Granular / prill
Tesman’s Exporter of Muriate of Potash
Tesman’s Exporter of Urea Ammonium Nitrate Solution
Tesman’s Exporter of Urea 46% granular
Tesman’s Exporter of NPK 20 10 10
Tesman’s Exporter of NPK 15 15 15
Tesman’s Quantity per supply 100 tons
Tesman’s Quantity per supply 500 tons
Tesman’s Quantity per supply 12,500 tons
Tesman’s Quantity per supply 20.000 tons
Tesman’s Quantity per supply 50,000- tons
TESMAN: supply to any form of buyer's
Supply by trucking and shipping

Summary; Commercial Exporter of all types of NPK Complex Fertilizers & Multi- component  , larger shipments in Bulk / 50kg & 25KG

Tesman’s Exporter of  bulk goods 

TESMAN VENTURES SL, ESPAÑA  main exporter and supplier of different types of cement to our end users worldwide.  

Type of cement we supply as follows

OPC, SRC, Slag Cement or Fly Ash cement.

 CEM I 42,5R,>            # CEM I 42,5N,

Moreover, in order to be able to work on an offer, we need to know the discharge terms,

including but not limited to discharge rate / laytime days (SSHEX, SHEX, SHINC,), draft guaranteed, etc.

Tesman Ventures S.L is supervised by Don Tesman Irabor (Managing Director /CEO), who has a great experience in this industry. He is known for his great managerial skills and understanding of this industry. 

The Workforce
Our company is blessed to have one of the most efficient staff members, who are highly dedicated to their jobs. They make sure that they execute their job with utmost perfection and in accordance with the set industrial standards.

Why Choose Us?
You can rely on us because:

  • All the products are procured from reliable vendors only.

  • We check the product’s quality on several parameters.

  • We have a global client base.

  • We facilitate our clients with easy payment methods.

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  Overall, given the ample size of export supplies, competition among major exporters

Tesman Ventures, S.L, is a registered company in E.U .


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